Optimal Plant-Powered Nutrition created by The Rx Chef

It's our intended way of nourishing by way of natures design

If one thing is clearly evident, it's that we ( humans ) are true primates and part of an herbivorous species that has the physiological makeup of a dedicated Plant Eater. Plants are the true source and beginning for all essential nutrients and either we can get them from the animals who are consuming herbivores who consume plants, or we can go right to the source. Let's stick to the latter for it's our natural way, the right way, the only way.

     Did you know that all protein comes from plants? .. and it all starts with the forming of amino acids, those amazing building blocks and foundation for what eventually becomes protein within us, they are also the source for all essential vitamins and minerals that are vital to our existence. The strongest and longest living animals on the planet ( including us ) are natural herbivores ( Horses, Elephants, Gorillas, Oxen, etc.) They derive their great strength, stamina, and endurance from their nutrient rich diets of plants, roots, shoots, fruits, and grasses. Consuming meat is merely consuming second hand protein that essentially get's passed down the chain and is void of one major component that we need and is crucial to our health - fiber.  

Why not return to our true source of nourishment as a species?.

 As true primates we are naturally designed to consume plant foods, but we have become conditioned to adhere to an omnivorous diet, and one of the biggest misconceptions today is that an omnivorous diet, one consisting of meat and plants is a healthy balanced diet, but it's this misconception that has turned our health and wellness upside down. Although we are very adaptable beings and have the ability to survive like this as the Neanderthal ( Our other Cousin) who lived some 500, 000 years ago among some of the most extreme living conditions did,  it's just not a diet that allows us to thrive and achieve optimal health.   

"No matter the economy of the jungle, the lion will never eat grass" - African Proverb

( if the lion is true to itself and species, why can't we be true to ours? )


The Win-Win

By adopting a plant based approach to how you eat, you return to your natural way of nourishing as nature intended us to, you also better your health and increase your senses and awareness while enjoying the delicious plants that will build you up and heal . You no longer contribute to the abuse or unnecessary and nonconsensual use of animals, and your level of compassion rises and your thoughts become much clearer and deeper. You are now respecting not only your body, but the planet and the animal kingdom as well. 

You are now moving forward in your life and new journey with a new feeling of self respect and discipline.



Are we Omnivores or Herbivores?

Dr. Milton Mills lays it out with logic and science.