Optimal Plant-Powered Nutrition created by The Rx Chef

The Building Blocks for Optimal Performance

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eat simple; yet complex. eat more; yet less. - the rx chef


 Your body thrives, excels and survives on plants. Truth be told.. you need them more than they need you.....

Plants are the foundation for producing the necessary and essential bacteria (gut flora) that thrives within us, protects us from illness, builds and repairs our muscles, tissues, and tendons. They provide us with all essential nutrients that are necessary in maintaining an optimal quality of life.

in addition to nourishing, creating a new respectful relationship with your food will catapult you to the next level of wellness. 

Why My Rx Kitchen?

At My Rx Kitchen, we are much more than your average mass production start-up riding the wave of nutrition. We are in essence, a small hands on local vegan certified kitchen that focuses on the big picture, from proper macronutrient balance, to combining the the right ingredients to assure the best possible absorption of nutrients and micronutrients.

The Rx Chef has a long track record in both the kitchen and the field of health and wellness. As a plant based chef and certified nutritionist he believes that positive energy and respect for food preparation is essential to promoting better nutrition and healing by raising the vibration of the food.

My weekly meals are a nice variety of textures, and taste, while delivering the perfect ratio of nutrients you need when it's time for a meal. 

We are natural foragers by natures design and the proper way to nourish is to consume small, action packed, nutrient dense meals throughout your day, and the goal should be to always meet your (MCI) maintenance caloric intake daily with an ideal ratio of macronutrient consumption - sounds difficult? - AbsolutelyNot!...it should be effortless and natural, and it becomes just that when you dedicate yourself to a life of wellness and begin to have a personal relationship with food as nourishment.  

My style of cooking is very clean and neutral yet flavorful and vibrant, simple yet complex, stimulating and refereshing. I tend to stay with a 70% - 30% raw to cooked ratio, and as always, 100% plant powered.    

 I do not use strong aromatics or any ingredient that creates anything other than a pleasant flavor profile along with delivering superior balanced nutrition, while giving you a sense of proper nourishment.   This is cooking in it's most natural way, prepared with high vibration and the positive energy, and then on to you.        

Healthfully yours,      

Scott Palmeri / The Rx Chef         

 Plant Based Chef and Certified Nutritionist 


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