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eat simple; yet complex. eat more; yet less. - the rx chef

PLANT BASED nutrition

" The undertaking of a new action brings new strength. - evinius ( roman writer )

Nutritionist Corner with the Rx Chef


Think of your daily calorie consumption as your DAILY nutritional investment, much like if you invested $2,000 into a building interest bearing account, you want your daily calories to bring positive results, not a loss. 

If you lose money, then so what! it's money, it's paper, it has no bearing on your quality of life, but if you lose much needed nutrients in your diet, you're quality of life begins a slow journey into the abyss. 

Hippocrates said " Illnesses do not come upon us out of the blue, they are developed from small daily sins against nature. When enough sins have accumulated, illnesses will suddenly appear ".

So if you consume 2000 calories per day, you need to ask yourself, what exactly did my nutritional investment make today? did I make a gain by consuming nutrient dense foods? did my meals have a quality macronutrient balanced?, did I include raw vegetables and leafy greens?, and did my daily calories today help me or hurt me?

If your answer is no, then it would be in your best interest to change your ways and reinvest in your health!



Healthfully yours,      

Scott Palmeri / The Rx Chef         

 Plant Based Chef and Certified Nutritionist 


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