Optimal Plant-Powered Nutrition created by The Rx Chef

from around  age of 10  till today, the journey continues!

The Rx Chef

This passion and purpose for achieving good health, building the body, and mindful nutrition was ignited long before he even realized it. 

From an early age Scott Palmeri was immersed into a healthy lifestyle through his father who would take him to various gyms including the L Street Gym in South Boston  where he began exercising, playing           

racquetball, and running the beach.

 This trifecta of exercise routine was the stimulus that set the precedent to what would become a life long healthful habit and daily routine. 

As a teenager in the late 1980's he set his sights on the sport of natural bodybuilding, eventually competing at a national level. At this point, his devotion to living a clean healthy lifestyle coupled with proper daily nutrition really began to take shape and has been a continued purposeful journey ever since.  

Today,  this journey has morphed into a duty and a commitment to help and encourage anyone who wants to achieve a better quality of life through healthy lifestyle habits and the power of plant nutrition

Scott Palmeri ( The Rx Chef ) is a well regarded Plant-Based Chef and Nutritionist, having attended the American College of Health Care Sciences in Portland Oregon.

"It gives me great pleasure to create the proper nourishment and the building blocks for anyone looking for a better quality of life through the power of plant based nutrition"


Eat simple; yet complex. Eat more; yet less.

Scott Palmeri - The Rx Chef

My Rx Kitchen

Welcome to My Rx Kitchen

Created in 2010 by Nutrition Chef Scott Palmeri with the mindset and mission to create a small personal platform within the hum drum world of inundated prepared meal companies that mass produce, don't rely on science, and don't give the proper balance of both macronutrients and micronutrients to ensure the best of health. But there has to be a better way?... There is a better way.

      Plant meals that come from My Rx Kitchen are mindfully prepared by the Rx Chef, and if you believe in transfer of energy? you can be assured that any meal that comes from My Rx Kitchen comes with high vibration energy and thoughtful preparation. 

We only use 100% plant ingredients, and as always, prepared in a 100% plant-based kitchen.  

Our meals are not just any meals, they are " Component Meals " delivering the proper macronutrient balance so you can - Nourish - Build - and Heal. You also get the micronutrient component that ensures you important vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, flavonoids, plant sterols, etc so your body can build up immune function, repair cells and tissue, and aid in recovery. 

     This in essence is our natural way of nourishing ourselves and is crucial in obtaining the highest quality of life.