Optimal Plant-Powered Nutrition created by The Rx Chef

"good health begins in the kitchen"

Scott Palmeri

Rx Chef * Certified Nutritionist


Scott Palmeri is more than just a chef, he is a         nutrition chef who's been a trailblazer in the plant nutrition and wellness field. 

With a combined 30 years of fitness culture lifestyle and over 20 years of professional culinary kitchen experience, once the chef and founder of a popular south shore mediterranean eatery that embraced the " healthy mediterranean diet " boom of the 1990's, It was then, in these formative years that gave way to a passion for using food mindfully, and with the best of intentions, all the while developing and crafting his culinary skills in the kitchen that would set the precedent to his simple yet complex cooking style that he uses today. 

- Now it get's Deeper -

In 2010, after coming to a realization that he wanted to fully combine his lifestyle

 ( that was now morphing into fully plant-based ) with a more purposeful and deeper responsibility for being a chef, where the mission would become helping and healing others first and foremost, providing optimal building block nutrition through the power of plants.

 He then set out on his next and most purposeful venture yet.. My Rx Kitchen.


 Having attended the highly recognized and accredited American College of Healthcare Sciences in Portland Oregon focusing on Holistic Nutrition coupled with a 30 year journey as an athlete, and former competitive natural bodybuilder, has made him a go to guy amongst athletes and busy on the go executives.

In addition, he has provided mindful nutrition meals along with a deep rooted philosophy about the food we eat, why, and how, to many others, educating and advocating about nourishing ourselves as we are meant to by way of nature. 

My Rx Kitchen is and always will be 100% animal product free